1508WAW―Wow! WAW!―

Hello, everyone.
Today, all texts are written in English,
I write in both Japanese and English ordinary,
but it is very complicated because I have to change my language brain one by one.
Once it becomes English at all, pretty easy(?).
So, let's see Warsaw airport spotting, the big airport in the central Europe!

Tally, ho!
Cool! I searched contrails from other plane when I take plane.
Once I sit down, I have no time to relax, take a nap, watch movies.
All what I do is watch out outside with my camera.
Especially, Europe sky has high density of airplane population!
It means that I have many chances to take a shot such as this!

LOT EMB-170 "Retro"
I took many air-to-air shots on the sky,
and once the plane touched down on the airport, my spotting begins!
I glanced at left and was astonished by this Retro!
My success is promised today!

Observation deck of WAW
This is the deck of Warsaw airport.
I heard that it has closed for few years but re-opened 3 months before my trip.
It must be for me, gooood job!!
The deck is very long, there is a cafe and gift shop,
furthermore, many big pictures are exhibited. Very nice!

Luhthanza A321 "DieMaus"
I don't know who is this mouse? bear? something strange.
I saw her 2 times at LHR and took today.
If I had known I took her, I would had prepared a picture!

LOT EMB-170 "Old livery"
I obserbed WAW for 2 half days and found that LOT has 2 basic liveries.
1 is white colour and the other is this purple line.
I think this is the old colour,
because it doesn't seem to be sophisticated.

Aeroflot A320s
I started spotting after the cold war, even after Russian depression.
It means that Russian economy is no longer under the control of governmental intervention,
and that liberalism ripped off a chance to see Tu-154 or Il-62 from me...

Wizzair A320s
There ware many Wizzair in WAW.
It is LCC of Hungary and has good connection network in central Europe.
The president was Malev CEO, and established this airline.
It is surprising that Wizzair is bigger than Malev national airline!

Ukrine international airlines B737w
She came from the hottest spot in Europe...
Owed to the barbarous action by Russia,
Ukrine's presious fighters will never visit RIAT, Radom, and other airshow.
What a hell idiot the Russian politician!!

Smartwings B738 "New winglet"
Hummm, it is my first time to see this airline, but a mere B737...
no no no, pay attention to her edge of wings!
That's brand-new winglet which is going to be set on B737MAX!
I heard that American B737 has it but didn't expect to see here!

Emirates A332
Here she came, Emirates!
She is the biggest airline in every airport.
I saw A380 in NRT, FRA, LHR, AMS, and MAN.
Even in WAW not so big airport, I can see its A330.
Oil money is very powerful...!

Alitalia A319
Management and tactics of Italia are traditionally cheap,
but its sense and passion are top class!
The new livery of Alitalia is very sophisticated,
I wannna try to take it from KIX!
Anyway, this is normal colour.

On the fuserage, "FLY PiGs"...hahaha!
That's Pegusus, flying horse in the Greek myth.
It is good name for airline, because plane transports men by high speed.
By the way, you might know that the master of pegusus is also in the aviation world.
His name is Hercules, C-130.

Norwegian B738w "Andre Bjerke"
Norwegian shuttle hasunique paint on each plane,
so it is fun to correct. This man is a famous writer of Norway!
Of course I don't know his book at all.

Nice special paint!
It seems a promotion or memorial of excercise championship.
I had an experience to take EMB-170 when I went to Finland,
it was comfortable.
Appearance is smaller than B737, but innner space is enough.

Turkish Airways A321 "Star Alliance"
I prayed god "Give me Turkish SA, give me Turkish SA...!!"
and she came! Amazing!
Nowadays Turkish has both A321 and A321s.
It also has B737-800, so difficult to identify only by its wingret...

TAP A320 "Star Alliance"
TAP SA followed, amazing too!
I saw Turkish SA in LHR, but this is my first time to see TAP SA.
Those small planes will never come to Japan,
so I enjoy this big chance.

Colendon B738 "New winglet"
Heyyyhaaa!! Colendon also equips new winglet!
That new winglet is very cool shape.
When airplane pursues its best effective shape,
it becomes cool automatically.

Helvetic Fokker 100
I think it is Fokker... but I don't have a conviction.
MD-90 series doesn't have spine, and their engine is bigger than this plane,
so I expect this is Fokker 100.

Small planet A320
I sometimes see this airline in WAW.
Small planet airline is a Lithuanian company, and it has a subsidiary in Poland.
I couldn't identify which she is, but no problem.
Three hundred years ago, Poland and Lithuania were the same country.

LOT B788
That's what I eager to see this time!
LOT B787 has never came to Japan in regular service!
Actually, it came one time when Polish president visited to Japan.
As WAW it is, there are a lot of slot for LOT!

The sunlight became unfavourable gradually and I coundn't find specials on time table,
so I gave up spotting this day.
From here, I show you off the last day spotting.
My plane is in the afternoon, so I woke up as early as I can and dush into the deck.
The deck is open from 6:00 to 22:00, it is much longer than FRA!

Smartwings B738 "Full colour"
At the first Poland day, I saw white one, and today is full livery.
However, this is not "new wing let".
The efficiency of winglet is better if it tilts to the below,
but engineers were afraid that tilted winglet scructh the runway.

Aviolet B735
I said winglet, winglet, and Aviolet comes!
My dictionary of airlines doesn't know this airline, so I check google.
Aviolet is a charter department of Air Serbia.
I've never seen your parent company, come'on!

The only cargo which I took in Warsaw.
I could see 2, 3 more cargos at the right , but couldn't take pictures.
I don't care, they were also trivial UPS or Fedex! (Aesop fox)

Czeck Airlines ATR-42 "small mark"
Do you chech a small marking on that Czeck?
Anyway, I was lucky to see this one.
I think old CZS livery were better than this simple new one,
just like Finnair...

Norwegian B738w "Edvard Grieg "
I don't know who you are... please tell me Mr.google!
He is an artist and pianist of Norway in 19th Century.
I like classic music, but not big at name of music and artists...

AirBaltic DHC-8-400
Air Baltic Police is sometimes introduced in Japanese airplane magazines.
It is just like the Society. Does any country seggest the airshow by participants?
Of course, Russia is also welcome.

Eurolot DHC-8-400 "Podkalpackie.travel"
Lot subsidiary airline with a promotion paint.
I planned to take Eurolot from Krakow to Warsaw but give up,
because I couldn't find convenient time shedule.
In addition, it requires passengers of leaving all possesion
at check-in counter. They will be back on the plane.
I had pretty heavy and fragile cameras, so I don't want to deposit my trunk.

LOT B734
Middle size LOT.
I found that LOT is not so big airline, it has many EMB and some B787 for long flight.
This B734 answers the bigger demand than EMB.

Qatar's A320 with winglet!
Nowaday, the speed of lotation of airline fleet is more rapid and rapid,
so I have to go European spotting periodically.

Helvetic EMB-190LR
I heard that Japanese local airline FDA got this plane.
This size is very useful for local connection.

El Al Israel B738w
It was a great tragedy that vise polititian deserved Jewish people
for another nation's happiness.
There are many ruin of Natiz barbarous action in Poland.

Bulgarian charter MD-90
I saw her from very far in FRA.
MD-90 is no longer major plane in the world,
I want to see her more and more.

Norwegian B738w "Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson"
Okay okay, who are you??
The is no "ø" character in Alphabet, how can I pronounce?
He was a praywriter and writer in Norway in 19th Century.

The time is runningout and I have to go into security area.
I bought some souvenirs in gift shop and went to inside.
Bye bye WAW, thanks!
By the information of Twitter, I must encounter a famous Japanese photographer
here and this time... but I missed him, DAMNED!

Norwegian B738w "Amalie Sklam"
I continued spotting from security area.
WAW has big window toward rampspot, so you can get plenty of chances.
Lady Sklam is a Norwegian writer, she wrote many books
from the viewpoint of feminism.
This is true, because Wikipedia says so, hahaha!

Genex AN-26B
The last plane which I saw in WAW.
I was glad to see such a rare plane for my last view!

Okay, I can reccomend WAW, it is worth to go!
I watched only from deck, but outside seems very nice.
Thin glass prevent me from spotting clearly,
but you have a chance to take when the plane come just in fromt of you.

Fish-eye view
At the FRA. I wish I could go spotting at FRA,
but I had have no time to go outside.
Many new planes appeared in FRA in recent 2 years,
so I want to go EUROFRONT again.

Lufthanza A321 "Retro"
Wow! I got a pretty special one.
I saw her 2 years ago, but it was cloudy.
Today's picture is much better than old one.

Lufthanza empire
Look, huge aircrafts gather andmake a line.
That's just the capital of German sky empire!
But there are no Retro, Fanhanza...

Lufthanza B748i
This is today's ship! I have been looking forward to taking this brand-new skyship!
I prawled in the terminal, and staffs talked to me.
"Hey Mr., can I help you? Which plane do you take?"
And I said "No, problem. I'm just looking airplanes!"
An aunt staff replayed "Oh, Okay! You can enjoy as long as you don't miss your plane!"
That's nice wit, hahaha!

Rainbow on the wing!
Impressive! I got an inspiration and glab a chance!
I took a seat on left side, because the sun is south.
However, my plane took off from R/W 18 of FRA,
so the sun came to my front temporarily.
My B748i was powerfully ascending among some small clouds,
thus I found that it is an ideal condition for rainbow vapor!

Well, next article is the sightseeing of Krakow.
It will be written all in Japanese
because I wanna introduce Poland to Japanese as much as I can.
Next, "1508 Krakow -Old capital-". See you again!





飛行機に限らず趣味のある人 大歓迎です!