1609Wisconsin-The Last Battleship-

Good morning, everyone.
October passed and November comes.
It gradually becomes cold, very comfortabe for me.
Today, I introduce the last battleship in the world,
On the way to the Oceana airshow tour,
I went sightseeing the memorial ship in Norfolk.

BB-64 Wisconsin
I went to there by taxi from the airport.
From the window of taxi, this ship seemed wall,
3 or 4 times huger than JMSDF destroyer which I see in Japan.

Naval Museum Nauticus
Wisconsin is a section of this martime museum.
USA is a country of the North America continent,
but it is also a seafaring country.
It was built by the people who cruised over the Atlantic ocean,
and expanded their territory to the Pacific ocean.

From the port side
Fare is 20USD. JPY exchange rate is stronger recently,
it means that Japanese traveller such as me can travel by cheaper cost.
Strong JPY is unfavorable for Japanese company which export merchandese,
but I think the real excellent company can earn money in whatever exchange rate.

Sharp nose
From the nose. Iowa is longer than the strongest battleship Yamato class,
but width is approximately three quarters.
US ships have to go through Panama canal, and that limitation made Iowa class very thin.

Mighty 40.6cm Gun
Until the early age of WW2, battleship is the ultimate weapon.
It represent the countr's power just like the nuclear weapon today.
USA, U.K. and Japan competed to buid bigger, faster and more tough battlship.
This Iowa class sometimes said to be a counterpart of Yamato class,
but exatly it was built as the Kongo class kiler.

Phalanx of long gun
If Iowa fight against Yamato, which do you think win?
It must be one-side game of Iowa by the Tomahawk and Harpoon, hahaha!
Iowa was faster and had a accurate radar,
on the other hand, Yamato has longe rrange and bigger gun.

Rubber cover of cannon
Hummm... When I build a plastic model, this photo must be a good reference.
Some old Tamiya battleship models has no rubber mold.
Wisconsin was satarted to build in 1941, completed in 1943, and worked until 1991.
During her 50 years long life, she fought in WW2, Korean war, Vietnam war, and Gulf war at last.

I collect lifering photo.
I took DD,DE, DDG, but BB is my first time(^^)!

Wooden deck
I worked aft and a ceremony was held at the rear wooden deck.
Maybe it was a retirement of old Navy men, salute!

Wisconsin's motto is "Forward for freedom".
Someone says that "Freedom" said by USA is what only for USA.
However, even if it is right, USA's actions have liberated many people.

The latest computers in 1990s...
Wisconsin equips cannons, guns, and missiles.
So I think that ithe brain must be the Windows or Mac newest model...
But hey friend. Please tell me what is these black big boxes?
Computer must have evolved most in the weapon systems during the nearest 20 years.

Prepared for operation!
Olympus camera has this special function. Seems very powerful!
Since I have only 2 hours to see the battleship and museum, I want to go again.
I heard that there is a bay cruise in military harbar, seems very exciting!

Okay, we will see the strongest navy air power in next 2 articles.
Let's shout "Go Navy!!"





飛行機に限らず趣味のある人 大歓迎です!